copyright policy

I'm not particularly against copyright, at least in principle, but I have no intention of controlling the copying and distribution of most of the material on this site. As such, I disclaim any copyright interest in any of my work in the public areas of this site: information, images, code, all of it. If I'm the sole author, that puts the work in the public domain. I might change this policy at some point (once I have something on the site worth protecting), but if so, I'll note it.

Not all the information on this site is mine. If I quote someone in a post, please assume that the quote is covered by copyright (but is probably requotable under fair use). Papers may be covered by copyrights owned by Stanford University, Harvard University, my co-authors, their institutions, and/or the conference or journal they're published in. I'm almost certainly violating somenone's copyright just by posting them here, but papers do no good unless someone reads them. Whether they do any good after that is debatable.

Recipes on this site are from me, my family and my friends. Except for the ones that are substantially my own work (that'd be super stew-fry and potion of power, once I post them), they are technically covered by copyright. It's not clear whose great-grandmother owns that copyright, however. None of them, to my knowledge, have been copied out of cookbooks.

I sometimes use this site as an easy way to send files around, so data in “hidden” URLs and password-protected areas of this site isn't all mine. Assume that it's copyrighted. In fact, even if it's mine, assume that it's copyrighted, because some of this stuff is private.